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Grizzly Tec was born by helping some friends and neighbors with some technology issues at their homes or offices. Since then, we have seen the need to do things differently by teaching our customers how they can operate and even troubleshoot their system without having to call us every time. We like being more innovative and more efficient. That is why we want you to live with the technology that makes your life easier.

With more than seven years of experience in automation services and being one of the longest Loxone partners in the US, we understand the way the systems work and will help you create the best system that will fit your needs. Thinking out of the box is our specialty. When somebody tells you that is not possible, please get in touch with us. We love challenges, and we will do our best to solve your problems and help you experience the Smart Home. At Grizzly Tec, customer satisfaction will always be a priority, and we strive for excellence. Once we install your system, we always ensure you understand how it works and will keep in touch with you if we can offer any more support or guidance.

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If you have been pleased with our home automation services, would you recommend us to friends and family who are searching for ways that technology can make their life easier? As a local business, we love helping our community here, and word-of-mouth referrals make a big difference. Thank you for your consideration!