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Grizzly Tec provides reliable and smart home automation services for residents in and around The Woodlands, TX. We help to turn your home smart, just like you!

"Danny was/is always professional and patient. He discusses the full scope of every job and carefully explains the process. He takes the time to describe how all systems work and will walk you through the nuances of using the technology. I highly recommend Danny/Grizzly Tec!"

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We help make technology simple so you can enjoy your smart home

Do you find the technology in your home difficult to manage and understand? Perhaps you are wondering how things can be made easier by the use of a home automation system. Maybe you have heard of a smart home but don't know what this entails.

Grizzly Tec is here to help. Our technology experts are here to help guide and assist you to help you receive the most benefit out of the technology in your home. We will listen to your needs and understand the struggles you face to provide you with a solution that will make your life easier.

Let's find the right home automation system for you

We listen to your needs

It is your home, and your technology needs to work best for you. We listen to your needs and understand your budget so we can provide the best solution for you.

We Create exceptional customer experiences

We hope you will be thrilled with your home automation service. This is why we ensure everything makes sense and that you are happy with your home automation devices before we leave.

We empower you

Don't feel tech-savvy? That's no problem. No matter what your level of tech expertise is, we will help you to understand how your home automation systems and smart devices work in a way that makes the most sense to you.

Lighting Control

Lighting can impact your mood throughout the day — this is one of the reasons it is important to have good-quality lighting installed. At Grizzly Tec, we help ensure that the smart lighting in your home is in line with your needs and ready for any occasion!

Under cupboard installed lighting in kitchen

Smart Lighting Benefits

All to sleep

Turn off all lights with one button click so you can rest for the new day to come.

No need to wake everyone

If you wake up in the early hours, you can have a dimmed courtesy light that will turn on and off automatically when needed.

Add extra color to your home exterior.

With smart lighting systems, you can have beautiful outdoor permanent lighting that will add brightness and joy to your home exterior whenever you want.

Control the perfect ambiance inside your home

Whether it is a party, dinner, movie night, reading time, or time to relax, create the perfect ambiance by changing the light's color, brightness, or intensity depending on the occasion.

Need to bring peace of mind to children?

If your child is scared of the dark, you can leave a night light on that will turn off when they are asleep and automatically turn it back on again if they wake up during the middle of the night.

Save energy

You just use the lights when you need them so you won't be spending more on money or energy bills.

An essential part of your security system

Your lights will turn on in the evening if someone is on your property or approaching your door. You can also set a timer for your lights if you are away to make it look like someone is home.

Permanent Holiday Lighting

You never have to think about hanging up Christmas lights again with permanent holiday lighting. You have complete control over which color you want your lights to be each night, and you can use them for the whole year round for other special occasions.

At Grizzly Tec, we install Everlights which are high-quality permanent lights that are built to last. You can control them via your own home automation system and enjoy them year-round!

Cool white permanent lighting installed on a home

Permanent Lighting Benefits

Create your own magic

You choose the color variations for any season or occasion so your home can look the part.

Never think about putting up holiday lights again

The lights will stay up year-round, being invisible during the day and coming to life during the evening whenever you choose to turn them on.

No risk to your safety

You don't have to think about getting up on any ladders to install your permanent lights — the experienced team at Grizzly Tec will do all of that for you, and it only has to be done once!

Audio Services

Music can change the way people feel. We can help you create great moments and memories with music throughout your home, all with the click of a button! Our Grizzly Tec team will install the new audio system you can control seamlessly and enjoy whenever you want.

Audio automation system installed in a home

Smart Audio System Benefits


You can enjoy your music from anywhere in your home and backyard too!

Quality sound

Ease of use does not mean that the sound should be impacted. Enjoy high-quality audio to all of your favorite tunes.

Home Theater

Enjoy the quality movie theater experience from the comfort of your home with fantastic sound and video quality. Family movie nights just got even more exciting!

If you are thinking about a home theater installation, our team of experts will provide a full consultation to understand your needs and budget, so we can offer the right solution for you.

Home theater installation by Grizzly Tec in the Woodlands, TX

Home Theater Benefits

Just like the movies

Enjoy a quality theater experience with your family and friends in your own home.


It's your home, so you can enjoy your move in the way you are most comfortable. With your smart home automation system, you can control the temperature and the lights to create the best experience.

Wi-fi and Network Solutions

If you are experiencing network issues or are looking to install a smart system for your home or office that you can rely on, the Grizzly Tec team can help. We will ensure that your new network solution is best for your needs, so you don't have to worry about downtime or a slow internet connection.

Data cabling completed by Grizzly Tec

Wi-fi and Network Solution Benefits

Minimum downtime

As smart devices require more bandwidth, you may experience slower speeds or a spotty internet connection. Fortunately, at Grizzly Tec, we know how important having good internet service is. We use the latest technology and the correct configuration, resulting in less downtime, fewer calls to technical support, and more time to enjoy the service.

Structured wiring

With the newest network technology called "mesh," we can help you receive the speed that you are paying for to your service provider.

Excellent speed and coverage

You will see a significant difference in internet speed and coverage after our service.

Temperature Control

Enjoy the temperature that is most comfortable for you throughout the year with energy-efficient temperature control solutions.

Temperature control system installed in a home in The Woodlands, TX

Temperature Control Benefits

Temperature control for every season in every room

With smart home automation, it is now possible to have a comfortable temperature in every room, so everyone can enjoy their activities no matter where they are.


A smart home helps you control your devices more efficiently. Your system is constantly learning about temperature changes in your rooms, so it knows when to turn the climate control on or off to help save you energy.

Fireplace control

You will even be able to switch on your fireplace with a simple click of a button.

No humidity in the home

In the hot weather, you no longer have to think or worry about the unpleasant humidity that comes with it at home! You can control the humidity levels with a click of a button.

Shade Control

Your smart home will understand the importance of natural light, energy savings, and security control. You can enjoy all of this while enjoying the view! At Grizzly Tec, we provide shade control solutions that are perfect for your needs.

Shade control in process with shaded opening in a bedroom

Shade Control Benefits


Control any brand of shades, anywhere you are, either wired or wirelessly. You can mix and match based on your style and budget.

Wake up with natural light

Not a fan of alarm clocks? No worries. Set your shades to open up at the best time so you can wake to natural light in your room.

Enjoy privacy with the click of a button

With your shade control system, you can close your shades whenever convenient for you and at a moment's notice.

Pool Control

Having a pool in the Texas heat is a great way to cool down, but it can take a considerable amount of work to maintain. Your smart home automation system will manage filtering, temperature control, pH balance, water levels, and more!

A crystal clear pool with pool automation installed

Smart Pool Control Benefits

The perfect temperature

Set your pool temperature to your most preferred and comfortable one, so you don't have to worry that it will be too warm or cold.

Enjoy a clean pool

Automatic pool filtration and cleaning will ensure that your pool remains clean, removing one less thing from your to-do list.

Enjoy more time in your pool!

With lighting control, you can also enjoy an illuminated pool so you can have pool fun in the evenings.

Irrigation Services

Let your smart home take care of your plants with a fully automated irrigation system. The Grizzly Tec team will set your system up so that you never have to worry or think about watering your plants and yard in this warm climate; your smart home system will do it for you!

Sprinkler installation in the Woodlands, TX

Irrigation Automation Benefits


Your smart irrigation system will apply the correct water to your plants based on plant type, soil, slope, and sun exposure.

Easy to monitor

Your smart home system will inform you if anything is going awry with your irrigation system so you can monitor how your yard is doing at all times.

Only use when needed

Have you seen water running on the streets? That is called run-off and, most of the time, comes from an irrigation system. Save water by eliminating the run-off and giving your plants the necessary water. Furthermore, this allows you to save money on your water bill while positively contributing to the environment.

Commercial Services

If you are also searching for a way to help make your day smoother in your business, Grizzly Tec can help with commercial automation services too.

Whether you are in need of a more reliable network solution, would like to enhance audio, or help to create a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere with lighting automation, we can help.

A structured wiring project for a home in The Woodlands

Our Commercial Services

Network Services

Lighting Control

Audio and Video


"It was amazing how the Grizzly Tec expert understood what I wanted, and also how he adjusted those "wants" to my needs, including my budget. I'm really happy in how this project at my home turned out and eager to start a new project for my office. Great job Daniel!"

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